Do not remain indifferent to the fate of Ukrainian children If knowledge is power We work to make music education accessible to everyone
Even the smallest help could change and make a better day for a child Our superpower is to teach music as a way of healing Age and background shouldn't be a limitation to enjoy and make art

Support Ukrainian children

February 24 will remain in the memory of Ukrainians for years, if not entire generations. When Russia began its unprovoked war and invasion of Ukraine, millions of people were forced to flee. With a couple of shirts and pairs of socks in their bags, many families had to start completely new lives in other cities, and even countries, where a different language and culture would add an extra challenge of enduring the loss of their homes and leaving back everything they once had and loved. Many of these kids had also lost their dads and brothers, many of their mothers will have to bear the burden alone from now on.

Going through changes like this, especially at a young age, can be traumatic. Creative activities such as art and music lessons, give children the opportunity to free themselves from the accumulated negative energy, to express their griefs and help healing their traumas.

Unfortunately, most families have just enough to cover their basic needs and cannot afford such activities. Individuals working in the arts sector also suffer from a growing economy crisis, sometimes pausing their artistic activity and switching to non-related jobs to make a living and be able to pay the rent.

Recognizing the importance to help, Practice.Party has developed an online-music lesson program to give Ukrainian children and young adults the chance to have music lessons, and at the same time, help teachers and their families. Over the last 4 months, Practice.Party hired 10 Ukrainian teachers who engaged over 30 displaced Ukrainian students in private lessons and new communities were built during our group lessons (Practice Parties). In total 500 lessons have been taught with a close to 100% attendance rate, despite the circumstances.

To continue this amazing program, we need your help!

With the help of your donation, these Ukrainian teachers and students can continue their favorite activities and enjoy a bit of freedom in these difficult times. Our goal is to raise $50.000 to continue this program for one more year. If we are able to raise more money we could support even more people by growing and further improving the program.